$100 Calendar

In All by Brian Imrich

I think that I am a generous person, but I also try and be frugal with our money.  We typically buy the magazine subscription a neighbor’s child is selling, the tin of popcorn no one is likely to eat, but it goes to a good cause, and of course the coupon book we forget we have till it’s about 14 months expired.  

However, each year, my college alma mater mails me this beautiful calendar.  Each month is presented with a thoughtful and well angled photograph of the campus and buildings.  I’ve been receiving the calendar for so long that I have gotten myself into a classic chicken and the egg scenario.  I am not sure if they send me the calendar because I make the donation, or if I make the donation so that they will send me the calendar.  And I do love the calendar.

This year, I thought I could wait them out and see if the calendar would come prior to me making any donations, but I blinked and broke and donated $100 on December 27th.  A week later that beautiful big envelope arrived in the mail.  I guess I could call them and just ask if I only get the darn thing because I donate money, but I think for now it’s more fun this way.  

So long story short, not all of our actions with respect to money need to make sense.  Sometimes they only make sense to us.  Sometimes you spend $100 on a calendar.

Have you spent $100 on a “calendar” lately?

Happy Friday!