In All by Brian Imrich

A trillion!  

Look at all the zeros.  It is so difficult to comprehend that level of wealth or that many dollars being concentrated in one spot!

During the morning of Thursday August 2nd, Apple Inc. became the first company in U.S. history to reach a value of one trillion dollars.  A company founded in 1976, which on several occasions was written off and indeed at points teetering on the brink of closing its doors, becomes the first one to reach what seems like an unattainable milestone.  

It is possible that Amazon becomes the next one across this line.  The headlines are already reading “if you had invested $1,000 in ______ it would be worth blah blah blah today.” What these great, catchy headlines leave out are the tough times.  The 40%, 50% or 80% declines in price that you would have to stomach in order to have reached the price you are at today.

As more of the world is connected via the internet, as countries’ standard of living and wealth continue to rise and more markets open up around the globe, it seems likely that more companies will continue to emerge as these behemoths in different sectors of the market and economy.   And what’s more, they may be able to do it in less time!

Regardless of feelings or preference, many congratulations to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. for reaching this milestone.

I am excited to see what company, maybe one that doesn’t even exist today, will emerge to be the next great influence ten years from now.  

Happy Friday!