January Challenge – Follow Up

In All by Brian Imrich

If you actually did the January Challenge, congrats and good work!  If you didn’t, it’s ok and there will be another in the spring.

For those who are retired and spent the $500 or as I have learned from some of you, much more, great work!

For those who are still working and saved a $1,000 or as I have learned from some of you, much more, also great work!

Now here’s your task:

Take 50% of what you saved and keep it as savings.  Boring, I know, but you are now $500 richer and that is powerful.

Take the other 50% and go out and spend it on something, someone, or some experience and do it right away!  If you did this every month, 50% to savings and 50% to spending, at the end of the year you would have $6,000 in the bank and $6,000 worth of cool stuff or memories.  In looking back, could you have saved more, yes, but you still increased your savings, and you have yet to read the January 2020 Challenge!

It’s a small exercise, but if you participated and accomplished it, you now know you can do it, which should boost your confidence.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your stories and as always, happy Friday!