January Challenge!

In All by Brian Imrich

It’s a new year and it’s time to get to work! So many goals and so many resolutions I can’t keep track. Makes me want to give up and just try again next year…(mostly kidding)

I have a January challenge for both our retired and working readers:

If you are still working, save $1,000 above and beyond what you normally do.  Put it in a bank account, fill an empty pickle jar with 20s.  It doesn’t matter where, just make it happen.  If you think this will be easy for you, do it anyway. If this sounds tough for you, do it anyway.  Next month I’ll dispense some creative and more fun things to do with this $1,000.  

If you are retired, spend $500 on something you have never done before or would never ordinarily do!  Start the year with a new experience or purchase and check that box off of your list of “to dos.” Get out of your comfort zone a little bit, which for my wife and I, is anything further than 7 miles from our home.  

This is your January challenge, should you choose to accept it.  If you do, let me know the results and I will surely do the same.

Happy Friday!