Little Sister’s Wedding

In All by Brian Imrich

This weekend we are packing up the kids and headed to my sister Christina & her fiance Mike’s wedding!! The planning, the changes, the people, the expectations, the weather…I am tired from packing and so I can’t imagine how the soon-to-be newlyweds are doing it.  

I am excited for the laughs, for all the things that will go according to plan this weekend and all the things that won’t!  I am excited for them to be surrounded by family and friends and to have to deal with the one drunk uncle (ahem, Uncle Fred) who keeps clinking his glass with his knife.

I am excited for their honeymoon! I am excited for all the quirky, funny, difficult and encouraging experiences their married life will bring them.  

So if you should be holding a glass this weekend, please raise it up and give a cheers to Mike & Christina, a most deserving couple of all the love and praise this world has to offer.

Happy Friday!