The First Inch of Popcorn

In All by Brian Imrich

The first inch of popcorn is so good.  Fully coated in butter, crunchy and warm.  So delicious and good, that you just keep drilling down with more handfuls.

Eventually you find yourself midway through the bag.  Where did the butter go, the warmth, the crunchiness? You’re getting full, but the movie is only a third of the way over so you forge ahead.

At last you reach the bottom.  You just bit your first unpopped kernel and now it’s partly wedged between your teeth. There’s no butter, no salt, no warmth and definitely no crunch.  You’re way too full now and although you remember the first bite being great, regret has already sunk in.  

There are so many parallels that I can draw to the financial industry, but none better than the current state of investing and the stock market.  

You started in September, it was warm and felt great.  You finish October and you’re scratching your head looking at your statement.  And by now, (especially after this week) a little bit of regret has set in.

You know there are plenty of great opportunities to buy a new bag of popcorn, even for a lower price, but that idea seems a lot less appealing than it was during that first inch.

I am here, as a gentle reminder, to encourage you to stay hungry, the movie is far from over.

Happy Friday!