Vaca Take Away

In All by Brian Imrich

We just returned from a week long family trip in the Adirondack mountains.  The weather was phenomenal, the kids were great, but the one curve ball was a small black bear that decided to show up near our cabin on several occasions. Our hopes of having the kids ride bikes on the flat driveway while we packed up lakes stuff each day….out the window!  Letting them play games in the lawn while we are making dinner…out the window! What do we tell a 5 and a 3 year old? “Hey guys, if you see the bear, just be as quick as you can and come in!”

Now don’t get me wrong, the times the kids got to see the bear were worth their weight from an entertainment standpoint, but overall the bear was a vacation variable we were not prepared for. (pic taken from our porch!)


Rain- yes, sickness – yes, lack of wifi – yes, lingering black bear – no.  

The simple and short take away is that you just can’t plan for everything.  The most well thought out financial plan cannot take into consideration all the different twists and turns and “what ifs.”  Nor should it, as it would end up being so rigid and restrictive it would lose its application to the real world. Your plans for vacation, finances, or life, are greatly improved when they remain flexible. What can be just as important and just as hard, is to keep your attitude flexible when you are in the throws of the latest unexpected twist.  

Happy Friday!