YouTube TV

In All by Brian Imrich

My wife and I just recently took the plunge in cancelling our long subscribed Cable TV with Time Warner, or Spectrum, or whatever name they go by now.  This post is for all you would be “cord cutters” looking for options!

We ended up subscribing to YouTube TV after other clients recommended it and spoke highly of the value and money they were saving.  If you don’t have a “smart tv” you will need a “smart device” in order to gain access to the app or interface that these services, YouTube TV included, run off of.  We use a roku streaming stick which then gives us access to Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and other services we like to use for the kids (PBS Kids app etc…)  

For some, the extra steps of turning on the TV, going to the app, then choosing the channel is a painful process vs turning on the TV and having it light up with whatever channel you left off on.  

Our monthly entertainment cost now consists of an internet subscription, $65 plus the monthly cost of YouTube TV of $40 (no contract, no cancellation fee) for a grand total of $105.  Although YouTube TV is not perfect, in addition to the low monthly cost you get:

  1. Unlimited DVR space
  2. You can pause live TV, then fast forward/rewind
  3. Up to 6 other uses per household
  4. Runs on up to 3 devices at the same time
  5. We get 60 + channels and all of our local channels

My advice, if you are leary, is to try the 1 week free trial before you make any changes to your true cable package.  Please be aware though, at the end of the 1 week you will be billed automatically for the upcoming month so don’t get caught off guard.  

If you like it and find it worth it, cut the cord and be on your way!  

On the low side, we see savings of $50 per month, which although not a mountain of money, if invested at 8% rate of return would be worth roughly $18,000 in 18 years.  If you don’t save it, spend it on something better than an inflated cable bill!

There are other similar services that could be worth checking out, including:

  • Hulu
  • Sling
  • Direct TV Now
  • Spectrum TV on Demand

Happy Friday!