Focus On Risk

There is no free lunch. The investment marketplace owes you nothing. If you expect to earn anything on your money, you first need to understand what you are putting at risk.

Focus On Cost

One of the only variables you can control is the cost of your portfolio. We are obsessed with cost. There is no cost so small that it does not warrant review and scrutiny. We are not romantic about cost, nor should you be. Regardless of your feelings about a particular strategy, manager, or fund, our process begins with how we keep your costs as low as possible.

Focus on Opportunity

Opportunity abounds and surrounds us. We focus the majority of our time on identifying opportunities that are not worth taking. In this capacity we play defense against poor strategy, poor advice, and get rich quick schemes. Although we are always open to new ideas, some of the decisions in investing are to allow opportunities pass by. We lean on the science of investing more than the art of investing. Our guts’ know no secrets. There is no lead worth chasing.

Focus on You

The S & P 500 does not care about you and nor should you care about it. The success of your future is predicated on far more than the return of one arbitrary benchmark. That is not say that you don’t need a milestone to measure your progress. Our job is to help you determine where you are trying to go. Once we know that we can determine the best way to get there. Once we are on the road we need a way to measure our progress.